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NatureTalks is an environmental science blog that details hot, controversial, and current topics about nature that affect the world around us.
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Finding Excitement in Reality

Welcome to NatureTalks — a website whose mission is to present natural and environmental issues to you, the dedicated reader, in an exciting and enjoyable manner. Scientific writing at its best can still be dry, uninteresting, and tough to chew (which are, coincidentally, many of the same adjectives used to describe toast); and at its worst is an unintelligible, convoluted mass of multi-syllabic words and phrases. NatureTalks is my answer to the stale and boring science blog. I believe that science should be shared with the world — especially topics regarding the planet we inhabit. So let me do all the hard work — I’ll read the published papers, I’ll watch the news stories, and I’ll find the truth (or at least give my opinion on it) — all so that you can sit back, enjoy your Hot Pockets and Monster Energy Drink, and read.


We Cannot Care If We Do Not Know

Whether it be detailing a current environmental issue, exposing false statements in the news, or writing an exposé on a distant and unknown location — I aim to provide insight into hot biological topics; asking questions that few will, and giving answers that few may be willing to say.

  • Pushing Daisies

    The fields surrounding the Fukushima nuclear reactor are harboring some strange looking plants. But is the nuclear power plant to be blamed? Or is there a much more likely explanation to these split ends?...

  • Dino Might

    Dinosaurs, globally accepted as unimaginably cool. But with all of the TV time and blogspots, you'd think people would, at least, try and do some research before speaking about them. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong -- and this post is here to sort some things out...

  • The Hygiene Hypothesis

    Skip the soap, head to the park, and munch on a handful of dirt. Best case scenario is you contract a parasitic infection and are spared from allergies. Worst case scenario is you contract a parasitic infection and die. The correct choice is pretty obvious...


One Thousand and One Words

Whether it be of people, animals, mountains, or plants — every picture tells a story. Throughout my travels and studies I will showcase these stories in galleries.

The fisherman

Tanzania 2013


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