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NatureTalks is an environmental science blog that details hot, controversial, and current topics about animals and nature that affect the world around us.
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About Me

I was raised in the small town of Bolton, north of Toronto. My days were spent riding my bike around town with friends, running around the park, or playing road hockey for hours on end until the street lights came on (we would have continued playing until dawn but our parents never seemed to allow us).


The latter half of my life has been spent living in Toronto. I originally moved to the big city for high school, and have since fallen in love with how alive Toronto is and how, like ants to a colony, there is a constant flow of movement, almost creating an entity that is larger than the sum of its parts.


I graduated from the University of Western Ontario in June, 2015, with a degree in Biology. The areas of focus within my degree were structured around genetics, ecology and evolution, and animal physiology. A passion for science was always present in my life; I was an ever curious child, and still am to this day. I can remember how awestruck I was during my first school trip to the Science Centre when I learned how our eyes form colored images by detecting red, blue, and green light. However, my enthusiasm for science found itself fighting for my adoration ever since the summer of 2013.


Through the department of biology, I set off in the month of August to the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania to embark on a mission of adventure and animal research. I truly learned what “roughing it” meant, as I was without vehicle and my only method of transportation was by foot. Each night I would head back to my campsite where I slept in my tent on the ground, with only a thin sheet of nylon separating me from the wandering nocturnal animals. I would go for numerous walks each day, at times braving the scorching midday sun, to move campsites and collect data for my study, which was to determine if herbivores actively chose the best place to drink based on the location’s topological features.


From this point onwards, I knew that my career had to be multifaceted. I knew that I loved to explore and that I loved to write, and that I would somehow have to tie in these new passions with my enduring love of science.


And this brings us to the present. I have started on my path of environmental journalism with this blog, where I plan on detailing interesting stories in nature and commenting on their validity. I’m an opinionated person and am willing to ask questions that few will. I plan on incorporating this into exciting writing that I hope you will enjoy reading.


— Michael Ruffolo